2022 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga CNG review: People’s champion

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2022 Maruti Suzuki Ertiga CNG review: People’s champion

The Maruti Ertiga CNG facelift gets minor tweaks in its looks, a new variant and an updated engine.

Excluding the quantity of Ertigas out and about resembles counting sheep – you will lose count and it will make it lights-out time for you. There are many purposes for the local MPV’s fame. It is unbelievably commonsense, seats seven in solace, is kind with the wallet, and – the greatest one of all – it gets an organization fitted CNG pack.

The Ertiga with a CNG tank has been the fantasy group for thousands and a facelift would have just increased its now heavenly allure. So that is precisely exact thing Maruti did by tossing on a couple of changes outwardly, presenting an entirely different ZXi trim that carries with it greater hardware, and another 1.5-liter DualJet petroleum motor to taste on that CNG tenderly.

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2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: exterior

The expressway cost administrator probably won’t see the distinctions on the new Ertiga CNG’s outside, yet look nearer and you spot another chrome plated grille. Maruti calls it the ‘winged’ plan, which parades the chrome in style. Wretched, since you currently get the Ertiga CNG in ZXi trim, there are haze lights on offer too. Over aside, the CNG currently gets compound wheels, once more, civility the ZXi trim, however Maruti has tried not to up the tire size as it did with the XL6, and on second thought you simply get another search for the 15-inch composites. A move that probably won’t be a positive concerning visuals, yet will most likely guide the general ride quality. At the back, you will find a chrome strip attempting to add a touch of jazz to a generally straightforward and clean plan.

Maruti Ertiga with customised interior looks beautiful [Video]

2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: interior

Inside the new Ertiga CNG, the primary update precedes you open the entryway. It presently gets keyless passage adding to the exceptional ness and a press button start/stop too. The dashboard design stays unaltered, yet the false wood trim has been invigorated alongside the seat upholstery. Still texture, yet in an alternate shade. Likewise refreshed is the infotainment framework which gets a touchscreen instead of the old 2 Commotion framework on the more seasoned vehicle. The SmartPlay Studio could pass up a switching camera, yet it actually gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The updates continue in the instrument cluster where you now have a colour TFT MID screen that displays the CNG level as well as the CNG-to-fuel ratio, along with the other usual information. The CNG level can also be seen in one of the two fuel dials that are distinctly marked. What we would have also liked on this update are cruise control and ventilated seats lifted from the XL6, since it is likely to be used for long distance journeys.

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Travelers in the center line will be agreeable as the Ertiga has a lot of room and a spacious seat. The enormous and vaporous windows are a feature and you can likewise change the lean back point and the place of the seats for legroom. For wellbeing, it comes furnished with four airbags, ABS with EBD, and a fire douser under the center column seat that is open from each of the three lines.

The last row of the Ertiga CNG is thankfully unaffected by the 60-litre CNG tank. With a little adjustment to the middle row, and slight recline to the back rest, even passengers over six feet can comfortably spend long hours in here. However, what does suffer is the boot capacity. While the CNG tank is well packaged in a way where you get the top half of the boot, it is a struggle to load up any luggage apart from soft bags. For airport runs or large hauling, you will need to drop down the third row like in most seven seaters.

2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: performance

Controlling the refreshed Ertiga CNG is the new 1.5-liter K15C dualjet petroleum motor. In petroleum mode, it produces 100hp, yet in CNG mode, the result drops to 87hp. All things considered, you won’t ever feel the shortage progressing. The Ertiga gets going in petroleum mode and changes to CNG once the motor arrives at ideal temperature. It is likewise silly to begin the vehicle in CNG mode consistently as it can hurt the motor over the long haul.

When you set off however, it pulls away with simple, and any shame about the feeble execution of a CNG vehicle is decreased. The tuning with the motor is very much adjusted and is something just an organization fitted framework can accomplish. Off-the-line reactions are amazing, and, surprisingly, on part choke, the Ertiga pulls without a hitch. As a matter of fact, in the event that you don’t look at the MID screen, you wouldn’t have the option to tell petroleum mode from CNG mode.

As far as by and large execution, the Ertiga in CNG mode takes 15.5 secs to go from 0-100kph, and the petroleum mode takes 13.9 secs for the equivalent. And keeping in mind that that could sound much more slow, the in-gear times includes in reality. 20-80kph in third stuff is a minor delta with the CNG bumping ahead by 0.6secs, while the split for 40-100kph in fourth stuff brings about the petroleum mode winning by 0.5secs. Thus, regardless of the 13hp drop in power from petroleum to CNG, there is no significant distinction to the manner in which it drives.

Maruti Ertiga Images - Ertiga Interior & Exterior Photos & Gallery

What assists its case with advancing is the 5-speed manual gearbox that is impeccably aligned. The pinion wheels are all around scattered and that gives it excellent manageability at creeping speeds. You can remain in second from the beginning without rearranging among gears and the light and moderate grip assists with smooth beginnings with practically no humiliating slows down.

2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: fuel efficiency

By far, the most important aspect of owning a CNG-powered car is its pocket-friendly nature. The 60-litre CNG tank can store between 9-9.5kg of CNG depending on the pressure of the pump. Maruti claims the Ertiga CNG will return 26.11km/kg, but to find out the real figures we conducted an efficiency test with a mix of city and highway driving.

It’s the ideal opportunity for certain maths – 100.9km of blended driving later, the vehicle took in 4.52kg of CNG, bringing about a productivity of 22.32km/kg. Also, since it can take in around 9kg of gas altogether, the CNG range ends up being simply over 200km. This figure will, obviously, differ contingent upon driving style, measure of burden and gear you convey, and, as referenced, the tension at the CNG siphon. In any case, it is an amazing figure by and by.


Maruti Ertiga with modified exterior looks sporty [Video]

By this calculation, running cost per kilometre can be estimated to be roughly Rs 3.4 in Mumbai, where the price of CNG is Rs 76/kg. Since the price of CNG in other states varies, the running cost will change as well. What we hope also changes are the painfully long queues at CNG pumps, which, if you’re a first-timer, is bound to be a frustrating experience.

2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: ride and handling

Having a decent ride on a significant distance MPV is urgent and the Ertiga CNG, with its heavier kerb weight (50kg more than the standard vehicle), tolls well. With a full burden, it won’t pitch and move similarly a lot, however crashes at low velocities; particularly with a vacant vehicle, it’s significantly more unmistakable in the lodge.

On the thruway however, security over triple digit speeds is noteworthy and the vehicle sits level and created generally. Taking care of isn’t its strength, so those expecting clamoring criticism are off base. It is a group mover with solace and comfort at the highest point of its KRA, and by that rationale the guiding is a perfectly measured proportion of light to assist with stopping and three-point turns.

2022 Maruti Ertiga CNG: verdict

Valued between Rs 10.41 lakh-11.54 lakh, the Ertiga is in its very own fragment. No MPV at present gets an organization fitted CNG pack, and that is the greatest guaranteed winner and the justification for a long hanging tight rundown for the Ertiga CNG. The accessibility of a higher ZXi trim opens the Ertiga to a more extensive arrangement of crowds and the refreshed motor has supported its general refinement and execution to.Its center assets, however, are still a lot of there with the colossally reasonable lodge and its pocket-accommodating nature. On the off chance that you’re on the lookout for a CNG-fueled MPV for extended periods, the refreshed Ertiga CNG is the ideal and your main choice.


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