2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300 Makes Global Debut With A New V6 Engine

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300: All You Need To Know

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300 Makes Global Debut With A New V6 Engine

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 also is a major move forward over ancestor fell shorted in no office, yet the new model sees significant redesigns under its skin.


  • The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is underpinned by the TNGA platform
  • It gets a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 mill mated to a 10-speed auto gearbox
  • While exterior updates remain subtle, the cabin is a big step-up

The new-age Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300 has been showing up in the virtual world for over several months with mysteries and spy pictures, yet at last the new SUV has made its worldwide presentation. Presently it’s the seventh-age of the Toyota Land Cruiser going on special and we have seen the model advancing flawlessly over ages without settling for less on its macho appearance and powerful allure. The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 also is a major move forward over ancestor as of now fell shorted in no division, yet the new model sees more significant updates under its skin.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC 300 Makes Global Debut With A New V6 Engine

So in any case, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is supported by the TNGA stage that makes it light on its feet and thusly more coordinated and stable with regards to on-street elements. The stage has saved 200 kg from its kerb weight and furthermore helps in making it 10% more productive with regards to CO2 emanations. Gone is the colossal 5.7-liter V8 motor and comes in the new 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 oil-burner that is more impressive than the previous. It belts out 403 bhp and 650 Nm of pinnacle force an entire 30 bhp and 108 Nm more than the active V8. The motor is mated to pristine 10-speed force convertor programmed gearbox which also makes debut on the new Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 and politeness its all around adjusted gear proportions, this heap of a SUV can make the 0-100 kmph run in 6.7 seconds which is really amazing for it size. Also, a lighter stage and punchier motor amount to that triple-digit execution too.

Engine Displacement 3.5-litre
Layout V6
Max Output 403 bhp
Peak Torque 650 Nm
Transmission 10-Speed Torque Convertor Automatic
2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Specifications
0-100 kmph 6.7 Seconds

Presently as per bits of gossip, in certain business sectors Toyota will be likewise offering the new-age Land Cruiser LC300 with slightly cut back 3.3-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 diesel plant siphoning out 301 bhp and 700 Nm of pinnacle force yet the motor will be mated to a similar 10-speed programmed transmission. Notwithstanding, the Japanese carmaker is yet to affirm any such news. Furthermore, there’s nothing else to it, other than that, the wilderness romper stays essentially similar in all business sectors.

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The versatile variable suspension (AVS) is important for the standard bundle too as is the updated electronically controlled motor unique suspension adjustment (E-KDSS) framework. Besides, Toyota has fitted the cutting edge Land Cruiser with a further developed Multi-Territory Select framework currently highlighting Profound Snow and Auto modes, while the Multi-Landscape Screen framework integrates an underbody camera. Likewise, a reexamined Slither Control framework keeps up with the vehicle’s speed while you are going romping.

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Off-Road Specifications
Transfer Case Four-Wheel-Drive (4WD) High-Low Range
Differential Locks 3
Approach Angle 32 Degrees
Departure Angle 26.6 Degrees

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Debuts With Twin-Turbo V6 Engine, Gets Host of  Changes Inside Cabin

Presently since it’s refined a 4×4 fan and all the more so a Land Cruiser, it’s implied that it accompanies a hearty four-wheel-drive (all wheel drive) move case as standard alongside three differential locks. Developing on its rough terrain ability is the methodology point of 32 degrees continued from its ancestor while the flight point can arrive at 26.5 degrees relying upon the rendition, while ground leeway remains at 230 mm. As far as aspects, the new Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 isn’t very different from its ancestor – the LC200, estimating at 4965 mm long for the GR Game rendition and will quantify a somewhat longer at 4985 mm for the ZX trim level. It remains at 1945 mm tall, which is an increment of 35 mm over its ancestor while the ZX trim is marginally more extensive at 1990 mm. The wheelbase across variations stays unaltered estimating at 2850 mm.

022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 Dimensions
Length 4965 mm (ZX) / 4985 mm (GR Sport)
Width 1990 mm
Height 1945 mm
Wheelbase 2850 mm
Ground Clearance 230 mm

New Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 could come to India | Autocar India

We let you know 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is more new under the skin than outwardly, but there have been alterations in its looks also. Presently the general outline of the LC300 isn’t unique in relation to ancestor’s and those are unenlightened could likewise confuse it with a facelift, however it gets a lot of new components. First of all, is this colossal chrome grille which looks really scary positively and we should simply say that Toyota has this goliath grille game more on the money than its German partners. This new grille accompanies four strong supports and it’s more extensive than the one on the LC200. A dark cross section grille replaces this chrome unit in the GR sport variation, yet it removes the exceptional allure of a Land Cruiser.There are smooth Driven headlights where the daytime running lights flawlessly end at the tip of the subsequent chrome brace in the grille. The grille is flanked by side draperies and the guard apparently coordinates the stout pallet plate completed in body tone, while there are thin mist light lodgings on either closes. The profile to a great extent stays unaltered while at the back there is another guard with a similar body variety slide plate and the taillights also have grown a size bigger.So while from the external it might help you to remember its ancestor, step inside and you’ll be shocked with all that is new. The lodge has been exposed to enormous changes. There is another dashboard obliging an independent 9.0-inch infotainment touchscreen which is standard, yet purchasers really do have the choice of moving up to a sizeable 12.3-inch screen. The two screens are viable with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto reconciliation also.

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Other familiar luxuries incorporate remote cell phone charging, a 360-degree camera, a head-up show, fueled rear end, an electrically movable directing wheel, air ionizer and, surprisingly, a finger impression validation framework among others. Toyota’s most recent Wellbeing net incorporates versatile voyage control, path saving help and versatile high shaft headlights for better street view for late evening driving. Furthermore, yes! The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is accessible as seven-seater.

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