Amouranth Says She Is Being Abused By Her Husband



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Amouranth Says She Is Being Abused By Her Husband

Amouranth Says She Is Being Abused By Her Husband Jerk and Onlyfans star Amouranth uncovered that she is hitched in a live Jerk stream and blamed her significant other for psychological mistreatment, driving her to stream, taking steps to kill her canines, and controlling her funds.

Amouranth, whose genuine name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, routinely transfers on Jerk either playing computer games or sitting before the camera and visiting with her crowd of 5.9 million supporters. She is additionally one of the top designers on OnlyFans and in July uncovered that she makes as much as $1.5 million every month from the site.

Siragusa revealed that she is married in a Twitch stream on Saturday while talking to her husband on the phone live during the stream. Video of the stream has been removed from Siragusa’s Twitch channel, but clips of it are circulating online.

Siragusa did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Sunday.

One clasp shows Siragusa scrutinizing her better half “for what reason did you say you planned to kill my canines?” The individual on the telephone answers “take off from the house” prior to throwing indecencies at Siragusa.

Amouranth Says She Is Being Abused By Her Husband

“What are you saying?” Siragusa replies in the clip. “You just said you were going to kill my dogs if I didn’t do a 24-hour stream.”

In the subsequent clasp, Siragusa says that her significant other wouldn’t permit her to let her crowd know that she was hitched and that “our relationship would be better on the off chance that we simply stream it.”

“You maintain that I should let them know that I’m single, it’s going to be valid,” Siragusa says in the clasp.

“The specialist even let him know that it’s a type of psychological mistreatment and that I’m essentially living in an extravagant jail,” Siragusa says.

In a third clip, Sirgagusa says that all of her accounts have two factor authentication connected to her husband’s number and that he has threatened to “burn” all of her money in court and “put it all in crypto.”

“It keeps you there with the fear and the threats if you’re going to do something to your animals, and then he’s nice again and says everything is going to be ok,” Siragusa says.

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In a fourth clasp, Siragusa shows instant messages to the camera that she expresses are from her significant other. In the messages, Siragusa’s significant other considers her a “douche bag” and takes steps to throw her merchandise off an overhang and erase her online entertainment accounts and shut down her ledger.

Other popular streamers and internet personalities supported Siragusa online after she made the allegations of abuse against her husband.

“genuinely terrified for amouranth and hope she is ok. she has always been very sweet and its heartbreaking to know the shitstorm behind the scenes,” Twitch streamer 39daph wrote in a tweet.

Famous Universe of Warcraft decoration Asmongold said in a YouTube video that he “trusts she moves away from that buddy.”

“I think the justification for why she streamed it will be it’s successfully similar to a weep for help,” he says in the video. “She realizes that she’s being exploited and she streamed it to get it out in the open.”

Anybody impacted by misuse and needing backing can contact the Public Aggressive behavior at home Hotline (1-800-799-7233). Advocates are accessible day in and day out and can likewise be reached by means of live talk on or by messaging “Begin” to 88788 or “LOVEIS” to 22522.


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