BLACKPINK’s New Album ‘Born Pink’ Hits No. 1 in U.S. on Day of Release

Blackpink share track list for 'Born Pink' album -

BLACKPINK’s New Album ‘Born Pink’ Hits No. 1 in U.S. on Day of Release

The South Korean girl group made up of Jisoo, Jenni, Rosé and Lisa released their second studio album, Born Pink, on Friday and it has already hit number 1 in the United States on iTunes, selling over 2 million records in the first week of pre-orders.

The collection incorporates the pre-delivered single, “Pink Toxin,” which was a gigantic hit at the MTV VMA Grants last month, and their most up to date single, “Shut Down,” which soar to number 1 in no less than 48 nations on iTunes in under a day.

The music video for “Shut Down,” which was released on Friday, is also breaking records, reaching 33 million views at the time of publication.

Every one of the eight tracks from the collection have simultaeously graphed on the Main 100 Outline of Melon, the biggest music site in Korea, with “Shut Down” hitting number 6 inside the initial two hours of the collection’s delivery.

Generally, the K-pop gathering’s most current collection is broadly gotten, and fans and music pundits are contemplating whether it gets the opportunity to establish another standard on Bulletin’s Principal Collection Diagram “Board 200.”

BLACKPINK arrived at number 2 on the Board 200 with their most memorable collection in 2020, the best record for a Korean young lady bunch. At this point, just male K-pop gatherings have arrived at the main spot, including BTS, SuperM and Stray Children.

“Before our comebacks, we always get into lengthy conversations about what we can do to improve,” said Lisa. “We try to bring out the best outcomes by discussing our thoughts on music videos, outfits, choreography, and even the littlest details such as hair colors.”

“I think our fans are as excited about our new album as we are. Their reactions are one of my biggest motivations. Their constant support always inspires me to aim for the better,” she said.

After a brief hiatus for each of the members to work on solo projects, the album marks their return to the global stage as well, as BLACKPINK will go on a world tour starting in October 2022 through to June 2023.

YG Diversion, the gathering’s record name, declared the new collection in July and added, “BLACKPINK will likewise go on the biggest world visit throughout the entire existence of a K-pop young lady bunch before the year’s over to extend their compatibility with fans around the world.”

The tour will start in Seoul, South Korea, before bringing the group to the U.S. for several stops. Through November and December, BLACKPINK will be in Europe, and in January, the band will go do several concerts in Asia before heading to the UAE, Australia and New Zealand.


It was only this summer when news first dropped that BLACKPINK was returning with new material almost two years after the K-pop girl group dropped their debut full-length LP, The Album, in 2020. Quickly, the quartet consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa created a global buzz among music fans wondering what they would come up with this time.

After releasing the Billboard Global 200-topping “Pink Venom,” as well as the buzz track “Ready for Love,” BLACKPINK has finally come back in full with their second full-length record Born Pink. Very much like The Collection, the recently delivered Conceived Pink comprises of eight tracks that highlight the individuals singing and rapping in both English and Korean, with this new LP flaunting four tunes completely in English, highlighting their desires to additional break language hindrances. The record likewise incorporates a scope of sounds, including conventional Korean instruments, nineteenth century traditional music and one of a kind synthesizer work, all blended into BLACKPINK’s mix of the present pop and hip-bounce patterns.

During a press conference ahead of the release of “Pink Venom,” the BP members spoke excitedly about their new material and the dedication they put into each track. “We have really focused on our new songs,” Rosé said with Lisa echoing her excitement, adding that “All our songs are really good.”

Presently, Squints and music fans overall can get into all of the new BLACKPINK material with the appearance of Conceived Pink. Driven by the new single “Shut Down” and bragging songwriting commitments from Jisoo and Rosé, the new LP stands firm in the gathering’s now unapproachable discography. Be that as it may, which melodies stand apart the most? Verify out our positioning of each and every tune of BLACKPINK’s Conceived Pink underneath.

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“Typa Girl” fits right alongside BLACKPINK’s hip-hop-focused singles “Shut Down” and “Pink Venom” from this era but doesn’t hit quite as hard as the aforementioned tracks that boast some of the group’s most innovative production work to date. All things considered, what stands apart here are a portion of the gathering’s iciest lines to date: “I offer cash of real value, not your supper/Both my body and my financial balance could figure,” Jennie murmurs on the principal section.


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