Breaking: Building Floor Partly Collapses In Barnegat Light, NJ During Wedding With 200 People

Daymark restaurant in LBI evacuates patrons, fearing floor collapse

Breaking: Building Floor Partly Collapses In Barnegat Light, NJ During Wedding With 200 People

BARNEGAT LIGHT, NJ (OCEAN)–Around 7:36 p.m. multiple Police, Fire, and Rescue Units responded to 404 Broadway for a “building collapse” with around 200 people on the second floor during a wedding. Upon arrival, it was determined that 200 people needed evacuation from the building and the floor was caving in but not fully collapsed.

Barnegat Light Medical aid Crew revealed “Crew 12 alongside different organizations are on the scene of a detailed structure breakdown in the fourth road area of Barnegat Light. At this point there are luckily no revealed wounds and firemen are attempting to get the structure’s design as of now.”

A Fire Marshal and Building Inspector were requested to the scene.

From Barnegat Light Volunteer Fire Company #1: “As many of you already know, we were dispatched to Daymark last night for reports of a collapse of the second floor. The floor did not collapse but caved in resulting in the structure being unsafe in the meantime. The DJ did an excellent job of announcing to all patrons to safely exit the building after hearing the rumbling noise. Great job by Incident command of both fire (1300) and EMS (120). There were no injuries. Thank you to all assisting agencies. Barnegat Light First Aid Squad, Squads 49, 14, 38, Medics 1303, EMS Coordinator, Fire Marshall’s, LBTPD, and anyone else we may have missed. Also, congratulations to the bride and groom!”

Earlier we reported, as per the ocean county Police scanner, that there was a building collapse at the Daymark Bar and Restaurant on Broadway in Barnegat Light. We are happy to report it is nowhere near the devastation that was initially coming across the scanner channels. The exterior of the two-story structure remains standing. Injuries were minimal and no serious wounds were accounted for.

LBI: Daymark restaurant patrons evacuated over floor collapse fear

Unverified reports from individuals inside the structure report that there was a great deal of upheaval and the beam(s) gave way on the dance floor over the bar and workers started to clear the structure as crisis groups were on course

 to a call for a “collapsed building”. To those who reacted and began the evacuation process, you may have truly averted a devastating situation so thank you for your quick thinking and prompt response.

So everyone understands, we reported this event as the calls were going out to the various emergency authorities who were preparing for the worst setting up staging areas, etc. We attempted to update when it was confirmed it was not a full structure collapse as came over the scanner but our page had some technical issues.

To those who acted quickly to evacuate the building thank you. To the first responders who took control of a chaotic situation, thank you. To the bride and groom, we wish you only happiness from this moment forward.


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