Browse the web using Safari on iPhone

Browse the web using Safari on iPhone - Apple Support (ZA)

Browse the web using Safari on iPhone

Browse the web using Safari on iPhone In the Safari application , you can peruse the web, view sites, review site joins, decipher pages, and add the Safari application back to your Home Screen on the off chance that it gets taken out. Sign in to iCloud with similar Apple ID on various gadgets to keep your open tabs, bookmarks, history, and Perusing Rundown modern across the entirety of your gadgets.

View websites with Safari

You can easily navigate a webpage with a few taps.

  • Get back to the top: Double-tap the top edge of the screen to quickly return to the top of a long page.
  • See more of the page: Turn iPhone to landscape orientation.
  • Refresh the page: Pull down from the top of the page.
  • Share links: At the bottom of the page, tap .

Preview website links

Contact and hold a connection in Safari to see a see of the connection without opening the page. To open the connection, tap the review, or pick Open.

To close the see and remain on the ongoing page, tap anyplace outside the see.

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Translate a webpage or image

When you view a webpage or image that’s in another language, you can use Safari to translate the text (not available in all languages or regions).

Tap , then tap (if translation is available).

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Add Safari back to your Home Screen

If you don’t see Safari on your Home Screen, you can find it in App Library and add it back.

  1. On the Home Screen, swipe left until you see the App Library.
  2. Enter “Safari” in the search field.
  3. Press and hold , then tap Add to Home Screen.


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