Chiefs vs. Bills: Week 6 Preview and Predictions

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Chiefs vs. Bills: Week 6 Preview and Predictions

The Arrowhead Report crew predicts whether the Chiefs will rise to 5-1 on the season.

Under seven days subsequent to overcoming the Las Vegas Looters in a profound Monday Night Football outing, the Kansas City Bosses are once again at home for a game with considerably higher stakes in Week 6.

Five weeks into the 2022 NFL season, apparently the Bosses and Bison Bills are the big enchiladas in an AFC that is generally as yet attempting to sort itself out. Kansas City’s offense stays a proficient machine and its protection is youthful and hungry, and Bison continues to murmur along on the two sides of the ball with one of the better lead trainers in the association driving the way. Sunday’s down is turning out to must-watch programme.

In that capacity, there’s a ton riding on the line for the two clubs in this one. On the off chance that the pattern of Kansas City and Bison being remarkably gifted contrasted with other AFC enemies holds going ahead, this game could end up deciding who gets the meeting’s favorite and home-field advantage come season finisher time. Furthermore, the champ of this matchup will overwhelm public discussions and possible be seen as the best group in the whole NFL for years to come. Boasting freedoms and cultivating privileges could be in play on Sunday.


Bills Chiefs Odds: Week 6 Spread, Total, Props, Betting Picks

How will today’s game unfold? The Arrowhead Report crew makes their predictions.

Joshua Brisco: Flip a coin and ride the lightning; this game should have all the makings of another Chiefs-Bills classic. However, without multiple key defenders, the Chiefs are facing Josh Allen and company short-handed while Buffalo hits its stride. I wouldn’t wager against Patrick Mahomes, but the Bills’ potential advantages in the trenches and against the Chiefs’ inexperienced defenders give them the slight edge.

Jordan Foote: Regardless of them not in any event, overcoming the Bosses to progress to the AFC Title Game last season, I saw the 2021-22 Bills as the best group in the NFL. That standpoint continues as before here, as Josh Allen is seemingly the second-best quarterback in the association and advantages from a strong cast of encompassing weapons and a first class protection. It’s peculiar seeing Patrick Mahomes and the Bosses as home dark horses however in Week 6, it’s merited. There’s totally a reality where Kansas City sends an assertion at home in transit to a success, yet I’m favoring Bison in a tight triumph on the road.Mark Van Sickle: The Bills are falling off a great win against an unremarkable Steelers group. The Bosses are coming off a nearby win against an underachieving Plunderers group. This is setting up for the vast majority to pick the Bills over the Bosses, and not surprisingly and rationale behind those picks. Notwithstanding, wagering against Patrick Mahomes when he’s a longshot isn’t something I would need to do. There’s likewise an opportunity the Bills will have some nervousness playing in Sharpened stone after that terrible season finisher misfortune last year.

Conner Christopherson: This is the matchup of the year. The Bills have looked dominant through five weeks of the season while the Chiefs have looked a bit flustered at times. It is to be expected for the Chiefs, who are in a retooling year and have the seventh-youngest roster in the league. That points to a Bills win in my mind. It could be a good thing for the Chiefs that I am not picking them, however, as every time I bet against the Chiefs they win. With that said…

Zack Eisen: As far as I might be concerned, this game is tied in with figuring out where the rematch will be played in the AFC Title Game. It is a fight between not just the two best groups in the AFC, yet the whole NFL. The Bills came into the season as the staggering Super Bowl number one, which is as yet the situation. They have a high-flying offense drove by MVP up-and-comer Josh Allen and right now, a preferable guard over the Bosses. In any case, the Bosses have the best adjuster in sports: Patrick Mahomes. I trust the consequence of this game method more to Bison in light of what happened last year in the end of the season games, however so, Kansas City takes out a nearby one at home.

Marlow Ferguson Jr.: There’s not a mentor player-group combo that deserves more trust and admiration in the NFL than Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Bosses do. Yet, on Sunday, Oct. 16, buying into the Bison Bills’ vengeance game feels like the natural pick. For quite a long time, we’ve looked as groups in the AFC have tooled and once again tooled their programs, utilizing the standard season games against the Bosses as their variant of the Super Bowl. Realizing they have the forthcoming week off, the Bills might be somewhat more propelled, marginally better, and ready to challenge a capable yet-testable Bosses optional beginning two youngster cornerbacks on Sunday. The Bosses are the unchallenged pick in January and February — and when there are 13 seconds left — however the Bills may be the play here in an October normal season duel.


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