Clemson football: Observations during its two-overtime win at Wake Forest

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Clemson football: Observations during its two-overtime win at Wake Forest

Clemson football: Observations during its two-overtime win at Wake Forest History favours Clemson football against Wake Forest – unless the numbers are viewed as the Demon Deacons being way overdue.

Wake Woodland has lost 62 sequential games to groups positioned in the Related Press top 10. No. 5 Clemson will attempt to score its fourteenth successive series triumph Saturday against the No. 16 Evil spirit Ministers. The Tigers are 29-1 against Wake Woods while positioned in the AP Top 25, the misfortune coming in 1945.

The Evil presence Elders appear to have more expectation than expected. Their positioning makes it a matchup of top 25 groups interestingly beginning around 1950, when No. 16 Clemson beat No. 17 Wake Timberland, 13-12. Two years sooner, when No. 10 Clemson beat No. 19 Wake Timberland, 21-14, was the main other such event.

Clemson has won 42 of its past 44 games against teams in the Atlantic Division. But the Tigers don’t have to be told that Wake Forest is the defending division champion. The Deacons went 7-1 last season in league play. Clemson beat them but finished 6-2 and failed to win the ACC for the first time in seven years.

Clemson football: Observations during its two-overtime win at Wake Forest -  Ustoday

3:52 p.m. | Clemson football survives Wake Forest’s upset bid

Unfit to deny Wake Timberland quarterback Sam Hartman all through the final part, Clemson’s Nate Wiggins separated his fourth-down pass in the end zone to give Clemson the triumph against the Elders.

Final: No. 5 Clemson 51, No. 16 Wake Forest 45, 2 OT

3:48 p.m. | Clemson football takes the lead in the second overtime at Wake Forest

Confronting third-and-6 on its ownership in the subsequent extra time, Clemson starts to lead the pack on a 21-yard score pass from DJ Uiagalelei to tight end Davis Allen.

By rule, Clemson had to attempt a two-point conversion, and Wake’s J.J. Roberts broke up Uiagalelei’s pass.

2OT: No. 5 Clemson 51, No. 16 Wake Forest 45.

3:43 p.m. | Clemson football stays alive in overtime

On third-and-6 on their additional time ownership from , Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagalelei finished a curving 21-yard score to Beaux Collins.

BJ Potter kicked the point-after.

The game goes to a second overtime.

OT: No. 5 Clemson 45, No. 16 Wake Forest 45.

3:39 p.m. | Clemson football on the brink of an upset loss at Wake Forest

Sam Hartman added to his career day Saturday against Clemson, completing his sixth touchdown pass to give Wake Forest the lead in overtime.

OT: No. 16 Wake Forest 45, No. 5 Clemson 38.

3:33 p.m. | Clemson football goes into overtime at Wake Forest

Clemson’s guard at long last got a stop against Wake Backwoods’ offense, however when it recaptured the ball there were just 39 seconds staying in the final quarter.

The Tigers called for a run by Will Shipley and then let the clock run out.

END OF FOURTH QUARTER: No. 5 Clemson 38, No. 16 Wake Forest 38.

3:19 p.m. | B.T. Potter gives Clemson football a late chance to win at Wake Forest

Clemson B.T. Potter kicks a 52-yard field goal — tying the longest of his career — to tie the score again at Wake Forest.

Antonio Williams’ 26-yard kickoff return to the Clemson 48 gave the Tigers good field position, which allowed it to overcome a 9-yard loss on a sack of DJ Uiagalelei

Potter is 8-for-10 in his career from 50 yards or longer.

4Q: No. 5, Clemson 38, No. 16 Wake Forest 38, 4:01.

Clemson Overcomes Wake Forest in Overtime, 51-45 - Shakin The Southland

3:11 p.m. | Wake Forest, Sam Hartman lead Clemson football as game grows late

Wake Woodland’s offense has essentially been one of two things in the final part – – long pass fulfillment by Sam Hartman with the rear of a Clemson protector’s shirt following the play, or a punishment on a Clemson player attempting to shield.

On the Demon Deacons’ latest possession, Hartman completed a 46-yard pass to Jahmal Banks with Fred Davis II helplessly trying cover. That set up a 29-yard field goal by Matthew Dennis, the fifth consecutive scoring drive by Wake Forest.

4Q: No. 16 Wake Forest 38, No. 5 Clemson 35, 8:07.

3:05 p.m. | Will Shipley brings Clemson football back to a tie with Wake Forest

Banged up on the opening kickoff of the second half, Clemson running back Will Shipley came back to bring Clemson back into a tie at No. 16 Wake Forest.

On a third-and-objective play from the 1, Shipley veered off a tackle and rolled over one more hit for one more push close to the end zone and afterward scored by arriving at the ball across the objective line not long before his knee contacted.

The drive was sparked by another long pass by DJ Uiagalelei, this one a 46-yard completion to Joseph Ngata on a third-and-9 play.

4Q: No. 5 Clemson 5, No. 16 Wake Forest, 35, 11:16.

2:46 p.m. | Clemson football gives up another touchdown pass

So much for regaining momentum.

After Clemson completed an impressive drive to tie Wake Forest, the Demon Deacons moved 75 yards in eight plays and regained the lead on a 25-yard touchdown pass by Sam Hartman, his fifth of the game. Nate Wiggins was again the defensive back burned for the completion.

3Q: No. 16 Wake Forest 35, No. 5 Clemson 28, 1:19

2:42 p.m. | Clemson football’s offense regains some momentum at Wake Forest

Clemson’s offense, which sputtered during its first two possessions of the second half and watched as Wake Forest rolled to two touchdowns and a 28-20 lead, found some footing on its third possession.

Ignited by a 23-yard planned run by quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei, the Tigers moved 75 yards in nine plays and just 3 minutes, 28 seconds, to tie the score.

Uiagalelei completed four passes during the drive, including a 28-yard gain to Beaux Collins on a third-and-10 play at the Wake 33. Two plays later, he passed 5 yards to tight end Davis Allen for a touchdown. Uiagaleleli then showed poise and strength — with a Deacons defender wrapped around his leg, he completed a two-point conversion pass to Collins.

3Q: No. 5 Clemson 28, No. 16 Wake Forest 28, 4:29.

2:27 p.m. | Clemson football coming unraveled on defense at Wake Forest

Clemson is missing three key players in its secondary, and Wake Forest is taking advantage of the weakened pass coverage.

Evil presence Ministers quarterback Sam Hartman is 6-for-6 for 138 yards with two scores in the second from last quarter. The main time he has been not able to finish a pass has been when Clemson has been punished.

All four of Wake’s touchdowns are on Hartman passes.

3Q: No. 16 Wake Forest 28, No. 5 Clemson 20, 7:47.

2:12 p.m. | Clemson football quickly falls behind Wake Forest in the second half

Wake Forest broke off three long plays in its first possession of the third quarter to take the lead against No. 5 Clemson.

Demon Deacons quarterback Sam Hartman, not know as a runner, broke out for a 25-yard gain. His pass to running back Justice Ellison gained 22 yards and then beat freshman safety Jeadyn Lukus for a 22-yard touchdown pass to Donavon Greene.

3Q: No. 16 Wake Forest 21, No. 5 Clemson 20, 12:13.

1:48 p.m. | Can Clemson football put together two good halves?

Despite a six-point lead on the road against the No. 16-ranked team in the country, Clemson enters the half with what doesn’t feel like a strongly positive vibe.

The No. 5-ranked Tigers took a 14-0 lead at Wake Forest but lead only 20-14 entering the third quarter.

Clemson quarterback DJ Uiagaleleli has been great, finishing 14 of 22 passes (64%) for 192 yards with two scores, however he began 7-for-7 for 104 yards. While he has been worked on this season more than 2021, he hasn’t assembled areas of strength for two in any game this season, and accordingly, neither has the offense.

Will Shipley rushed 53 yards on the first place from scrimmage. Since then, the Tigers have rushed 24 times for 64 yards, an average of 2.7 yards per carry.

Wake trails by six despite having only 129 yards total offense. Demon Deacons quarterback Sam Hartman has found holes in Clemson’s depleted secondary, which also has four 15-yard penalties while trying to defend.

Halftime: No. 5 Clemson 20, No. 16 Wake Forest 14.

1:38 p.m. | Clemson football’s offense settles for another field goal just before half

Clemson finished the half with a 15-play drive but had to settle for a field goal after getting as deep as the Wake Forest 12-yard line.

An Evil spirit Elders barrage got DJ Uiagalelei for a 6-yard misfortune on a draw play, and Uiagalelei and Joseph Ngata had a miscommunication on a pass play. The pass went to the end zone; Ngata cut his course at the 5.

B.T. Potter kicked a 38-yard field goal.

2Q: No. 5 Clemson 20, Wake Forest 14, 0:14.

Clemson was absolutely right to try and score as time expired vs. Miami

1:29 p.m. | Wake Forest picking on Clemson football’s Toriano Pride Jr.

Wake Forest responded after Clemson took a 10-point lead by challenging Tigers freshman cornerback Toriano Pride Jr.

It worked.

After Pride was called for a personal foul for a hit on an incomplete pass — originally, it was called a targeting penalty but rescinded — Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman threw twice deep to Jahmal Banks, covered by Pride.

Banks made two nice catches. On both, he outmaneuvered Pride for the ball. The first was a 30-yard gain to the Clemson 5, the second a touchdown.

2Q: No. 5 Clemson 17, No. 16 Wake Forest 14, 5:49.

1:14 p.m | Clemson football continues to beat Wake Forest deep

The deep pass that was mostly absent from Clemson’s offense in 2021 has been much more visible this season.

DJ Uiagalelei completed a 39-yard pass to freshman Antonio Williams on a fade rout. Williams had to battle Wake Forest’s Isaiah Wingfield for the ball, but came down with it at the Demon Deacons’ 21. It was Uiagalelei’s third completion of 30 more yards, all on deep routes. Uiagaeleli is 9-for-13 for 150 yards with two touchdowns.

The Tigers cashed in with a 24-yard field goal by B.T. Potter

2Q: No. 5 Clemson 21, No. 16 Wake Forest 7, 7:49.

12:59 p.m. | Clemson football’s Will Shipley getting more attention from Wake Forest defense; Tigers offense dealing with injuries

On his first touch of the game, Clemson’s Will Shipley nearly got a touchdown, breaking 53 yards against Wake Forest.

Since then, the yardage has been much more difficult. The Demon Deacons have limited Shipley to 3 yards on five carries.

Backup running back Kobe Pace is on the sideline after injuring an ankle on his second carry, and wide receiver Beaux Collins went out after landing hard while making a 7-yard catch.

2Q: No. 5 Clemson 14, No. 16 Wake Forest 7, 13:09

12:48 p.m. | Clemson football’s depleted secondary exploited by Wake Forest

Wake Forest surged back from a 14-0 deficit by taking advantage of Clemson’s shorthanded secondary.

On first down, Evil presence Elders quarterback Sam Hartman tested Clemson rookie cornerback Toriano Pride Jr., who was called for pass impedance, a 15-yard punishment that put the ball at Wake’s 40. Hartman then, at that point, passed for 9 yards to Ke’Shawn Williams, covered by R.J. Mickens.

Then on third-and-1 and Clemson with 11 players in the box, Hartman passed toward a wide-open A.T. Perry. Fred Davis II tackled Perry while he was in his route for another pass interference penalty but one that likely prevented a touchdown.

But only for a play.

Hartman then passed deep down the middle to Jahmal Banks for a 36-yard touchdown.

1Q: No. 5 Clemson 14, No. 16 Wake Forest 7, 4:13.

12:38 p.m. | Clemson football’s offense strikes again behind DJ Uiagalalei

DJ Uiagalelei is off to a great start against No. 16 Wake Forest.

Two belongings, two score passes, and on the subsequent drive, he conquered a 15-yard punishment against green bean recipient Adam Randall, who put a hand to the facemask of an Evil spirit Ministers’ protector to get open on a pass course.

That penalty left Clemson with a first-and-25 at its 25.

On third-and-21, Uiagalelei threw for a 30-yard gain to Jake Briningstool, who had caught the first touchdown pass.

On the next play, Uiagalelei went downfield again to Brannon Spector at the 8. The Wake defender missed on an attempt for an interception, and Spector gathered in the pass and went into the end zone.

Uiagalelei is 7-for-7 for 104 yards.

1Q: No. 5 Clemson 14, No. 16 Wake Forest 0, 5:09.

Clemson Overcomes Wake Forest in Overtime, 51-45 - Shakin The Southland

12:22 p.m | Will Shipley gets Clemson football’s offense off to a good start

On Clemson’s first offensive play, it was no surprise that quarterback DJ Uiagalelei handed off to Will Shipley. Maybe only a little more surprising is that Shipley went 53 yards.

The run moved the ball from the Clemson 12 to the Wake Forest 35.

Two plays, later Clemson moved to the Demon Deacons’ 23 on a pass interference penalty against Wake Forest’s Gavin Holmes, who had an arm wrapped around Joseph Ngata at the goal line.

The Tigers traded out with a 12-yard score pass from Uiagaleleli to tight end Jake Briningstool. Uiagalelei showed great balance on the play, trusting that a collector will get open, keeping away from a surging safeguard and tossing an ideal pass to Briningstool crossing at the rear of the end zone.

1Q: Clemson 7, Wake Forest 0, 8:09

11: 49 a.m. | Clemson football to be shorthanded on defense against Wake Forest’s pass-happy offense

Clemson’s safeguard will be missing vital participants when it takes on Wake Woods’ passing game. The Tigers will be without three vital participants in the optional against the Evil presence Elders, who drove by quarterback Sam Hartman are averaging in excess of 300 yards passing and have 10 score goes through three games.


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