Disproving the false narrative that Alabama football is no longer dominant

Alabama Football: Despite the false narrative, 'Bama remains dominant

Disproving the false narrative that Alabama football is no longer dominant

Have you at any point wanted for something to happen such a lot of that you nearly begin to cause yourself to accept that it has happened paying little heed to how strange it very well may be?

Unfortunately, the national media, other fan bases, and even some within the Alabama fan base have the idea that Alabama football is no longer as dominant under Nick Saban as it was in the past.

Not only is it foolish to assume that Saban and the Tide have lost a step, but it’s also not factual. The evidence is right in front of us, but some have chosen to ignore it in lieu of wishful thinking.

I shouldn’t need to clear up for school football fans that the game has changed dramatically significantly throughout the course of recent years. Offenses are scoring more focuses and the game is totally equipped for the offense, making it more challenging to be an “tip top” safeguard, which mentor Saban assembled his line on in Tuscaloosa. Be that as it may, similar to the game, mentor Saban has developed with the times and has climbed to strength another way.

Disproving the false narrative that Alabama football is no longer dominant

Currently, in the 2022 season, Alabama has an average margin of victory of +31.8. In 2021, it was a good bit lower at 18.7. I think it is important to note that 2021 might have been Saban’s best coaching job while at Alabama. He took a team loaded with underclassmen to the national championship game and was a couple of injured wide receivers away from winning his seventh national championship in Tuscaloosa.

So over the last season and a half Alabama’s average margin of victory is +25.25, a pretty impressive number for a team that is no longer dominant.

You may say, “well Stacey, let’s see the average numbers for the few seasons before when they were destroying everybody”. I am glad you asked.

From 2015 to 2020, Alabama played for a sum of five public titles and came out on top for three of those championship offers. In that six-season period, the typical edge of triumph for the Tide was, drum roll please, +25.13. Almost an indistinguishable number to what Alabama has been winning by throughout the course of recent months.

See, I realize this number doesn’t recount the entire story and I’m certain somebody could uncover a wild and unimportant number to assist with supporting their request that the Tide has lost its strength. In any case, by the day’s end, everything really revolves around winning, and the numbers don’t lie, the Tide keep on getting it done now very much like they have before.

What the stats say

Here’s how the teams stack up heading into the Week 7 game:

6-0 (3-0) Record (SEC) 5-0 (2-0)
Nick Saban (16th season at Alabama) Coach Josh Heupel (2nd season at Tennessee)
No. 3 AP rank No. 6
44.3 Points per game 46.8
12.5 Points allowed 17.8
503.7 Yards per game 547.8
250.8 Yards allowed 396.6
246.5 Passing yards 340.4
257.2 Rushing yards 207.4
166.3 Passing yards allowed 307.4
84.5 Rushing yards allowed 89.2
-5 Turnovers +5
Bryce Young

1,202 yards (14 TDs, 3 INT)

Passing leader Hendon Hooker

1,432 yards (10 TDs, 0 INT)

Jahmyr Gibbs

532 yards (2 TDs)

Rushing leader Jaylen Wright

315 yards (4 TDs)

Traeshon Holden

223 yards (4 TDs)

Receiving leader Jalin Hyatt

388 yards (5 TDs)

Where they rank in the AP Poll

Alabama and Tennessee are both in the main 10, making it the eleventh time in series history the two groups are in the best 10 while confronting one another. Be that as it may, it’s the initial time both are positioned in the main six.

Twitter reacts to Alabama's quality offensive possession resulting in TD

Here’s the latest AP Poll:

1 Georgia (32) 1535 2 6-0
2 Ohio State (20) 1507 3 6-0
3 Alabama (11) 1489 1 6-0
4 Clemson 1348 5 6-0
5 Michigan 1319 4 6-0
6 Tennessee 1232 8 5-0
7 Southern California 1214 6 6-0
8 Oklahoma State 1150 7 5-0
9 Ole Miss 1061 9 6-0
10 Penn State 974 10 5-0
11 UCLA 907 18 6-0
12 Oregon 893 12 5-1
13 TCU 819 17 5-0
14 Wake Forest 748 15 5-1
15 NC State 746 14 5-1
16 Mississippi State 589 23 5-1
17 Kansas State 559 20 5-1
18 Syracuse 393 22 5-0
19 Kansas 330 19 5-1
20 Utah 328 11 4-2
21 Cincinnati 257 24 5-1
T-22 Texas 150 NR 4-2
T-22 Kentucky 150 13 4-2
24 Illinois 117 NR 5-1
25 James Madison 105 NR 5-0


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