Fire engulfs skyscraper in China’s Changsha city

Fire engulfs skyscraper in China's Changsha city, no casualty reported |  World News - Hindustan Times

Fire engulfs skyscraper in China’s Changsha city

BEIJING: A fire engulfed a skyscraper on Friday in the central Chinese city of Changsha, with authorities saying that no casualties had yet been found.

The commonplace local group of fire-fighters expressed later in a virtual entertainment post that “as of now, the fire has been quenched, and we have not yet found any losses”. An underlying photo delivered by CCTV showed orange blazes singing through the structure in a developed region of the city as dark smoke surged very high.

A later image shared on social media appeared to show that the flames had subsided, as emergency personnel sprayed jets of water onto its charred facade. China Telecom said in a statement on social media: “By around 4:30 pm today, the fire at our No. 2 Communications Tower in Changsha has been extinguished.

“No setbacks have yet been found and correspondences have not been cut off.” A video shared via web-based entertainment seemed to show many individuals escaping the structure as blazing trash tumbled from the upper floors.

Fire engulfs 42-floor skyscraper in China's Changsha city

AFP was not immediately able to verify the footage. Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, has a population of about 10 million people. The 218-metre (715-foot) building was completed in 2000 and is located near a major ring road, according to CCTV. Deadly fires are common in China, where lax enforcement of building codes and rampant unauthorised construction can make it difficult for people to flee burning buildings.

Many floors consumed in the China Telecom working in the city of Changsha, the capital of focal Hunan region. The city’s local group of fire-fighters said it sent 280 firemen who had the option to rapidly smother the blast on the 218-meter (720-foot) building.

No injuries or deaths have been reported, China Telecom said in a statement. It said there was no disruption to cellphone service, but social media users complained of being unable to use their phones.

Videos of the blaze showed one side of the building scorched black, with debris falling to the ground. Other videos from local media showed workers inside managing to evacuate the building.

There was no immediate information on the cause of the blaze.

A 200-meter Telecom Working in China’s Changsha succumbed to a gigantic hellfire on Friday evening. The startling pictures of the fire as twelve accounts of the high rise were overwhelmed in the fire have created all in all a ruckus on the web. The recordings shared online of the devastating fire that immersed the 200-meter building showed huge tufts of thick dark smoke as blazes emitted from the whole level of the structure. The Telecom building is arranged in the capital of the Southern Hunan Region. Peruse along to find out about the fire.

Massive fire engulfs skyscraper in China's Changsha | Video - World News

As per the reports from the State media, the situation was soon under control and the fire was extinguished. The Hunan fire department also added that they were no casualties to be found. The reports from the Singaporean CNA state that in the light of preliminary investigations, the cause of the fire might be the outer wall of the 42-story tower catching fire.

number of reactions and responses from the denizens of Twitter. One particular video shared on Twitter shows people inside the building rushing to the exits during the initial stages of the fire.An authority articulation delivered by China Telecom has affirmed that the fire has been stifled and that there are no losses, “By around 4:30 p.m today, the fire at our No. 2 Correspondences Pinnacle in Changsha has been smothered. No losses have yet been found and interchanges have not been cut off.”

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