‘GTA 6’ Suffers Massive Leak Of 90 Gameplay Videos

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‘GTA 6’ Suffers Massive Leak Of 90 Gameplay Videos

Big trouble over at Rockstar this morning, as somehow, some way, an enormous amount of early footage from GTA 6 has leaked out, spread across 90 videos currently being posted to all forms of social media.

This originated from GTAforums, where a user named teapot uberhacker, who also claims to be behind the recent Uber hack, has posted 90 videos they say are from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6. The recording appears to affirm past subtleties from more seasoned spills including the area, the Miami-esque Bad habit City, and the male and female leads. In the recording the lady is named Lucia, and the man is named Jason.

In one clip, the player controls Lucia as she robs a diner and flees from the cops afterwards with Jason. In another, Jason stands around witnessing a very Rockstar-ish conversation between two rednecks by a pool. I’ll link to those, rather than embed, as I’m sure Rockstar is going to be purging these from the internet rather soon here. But it’s so much footage, spreading so widely, that they’re probably going to have an impossible time scrubbing it all.

Not at all like some industry spills, I can’t exactly try and engage the possibility that this is phony. This is an excessive amount of film, with such a large number of subtleties that would be marginal difficult to counterfeit at this scale. This appears to be a certified hack and break of Rockstar to deliver this recording. It’s not difficult to envision this will grow into Rockstar attempting to find this programmer and carry them to legitimate equity, yet we’ll perceive the way fruitful they’ll be in that pursuit.

But is this…harmful to GTA 6? From the reaction I’m seeing online, probably not. The clips being posted are generated praise and hugely positively like/dislike ratios on YouTube, as fans are just mostly excited to see GTA 6 and Vice City and these new characters in action. Rockstar has been so absurdly tightlipped about GTA 6 that fans have been desperate for just any footage or information about it, but so far, all of that has come from leaks.In the first place, about the area and heroes, presently, this huge, monstrous hole of genuine interactivity recordings, where regardless of whether it’s shrouded in troubleshoot apparatuses and utilizing placeholder resources, looks very great, considering that the game is possible still 2+ years away. It’s not difficult to envision that being really fantastic after significantly more work and polishing is going.

Rockstar has yet to issue a statement about the leak, but I imagine they’re going to have to address it, as this is substantive content, not just idle rumors. I will update this post with their statement when it’s issued.

Rockstar’s next instalment in its Grand Theft Auto series could be one of the most anticipated video games in existence, and a new purported leak could offer us our best look yet at GTA 6. The store of information, which PCGamer found through a GTAForums post by the supposed programmer themselves, contains nearly 90 recordings of clasps from the game, with troubleshoot code and connection points running and aiding back up the veracity of the cases.

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Interestingly, the hacker (who goes by ‘teapotuberhacker’ on the GTAForums) also claims to be the person responsible for the recent Uber hack, and says that they got the video by gaining access to a Rockstar employee’s Slack account — which is the same MO for Uber’s massive breach.

The actual breaks show up either real, or fakes made with such a serious level of tender loving care and validness that they have prevailed upon what was at first an exceptionally wary GTAForums part crowd.


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