Iowa football vs. Nevada resumes after three delays … six hours after the game started

Iowa Football Vs. Nevada Begins After Three Delays, Six Hours After The Game  Started - I Get Talk

Iowa football vs. Nevada resumes after three delays … six hours after the game started

Shortly into the third quarter, with Iowa leading the Nevada Wolf Pack 17-0, thunderstorms ventured a little too close to Kinnick Stadium for comfort and the game went into a lightning delay. At this moment I’m tuned into the Miami @ Texas A&M game as there’s no telling when the Iowa game will resume.With every lightning strike, the brief commencement gets reset, and a look at the ongoing radar shows a monstrous mass of green, yellow, and red extending back to Des Moines, so who knows when (or on the other hand if) this game will continue.

So, while we wait and wonder when this game might restart I decided to get a bit of a head start on this article to make sure you, dear reader, had fresh Hawkeye content to go with your Sunday coffee tomorrow morning.

After last week’s disaster against Iowa State a lot of slings and bolts were heaved at anybody somewhat engaged with the Hawkeye offense. Nothing under a typical shellacking of Nevada would quietness the pundits and console fans that this group was in good shape. With Kirk staying with Petras as the starter the strain would have been colossal on the off chance that the offense kept on deteriorating against perhaps of the most awful safeguard in school football.

Did Iowa’s offense do enough to silence their critics

Iowa football vs. Nevada resumes after three delays six hours after the game  started.

It took a bit of time, a couple of stalled drives, but Iowa’s offense started showing signs of life deep in to the first quarter. RB Kaleb Johnson had a beautiful 40-yard scamper for his first career touchdown, in which he showed some great agility, toughness, and balance to hit pay dirt.

The arrival of collectors Keagan Johnson and Nico Ragaini has been another issue on everyone’s mind this year. The two starters missed the SDSU and Iowa State games, leaving Arland Bruce IV, Brody Brecht, and a modest bunch of walk-ons to make up for the shortcoming. With the veterans back on the field, it appeared to inhale a touch of new life into a stale passing assault, easing the heat off Bruce, who before now was the greatest recipient danger the Birds of prey had.

With these additional weapons on the field, Brian dialed up a fantastic call on Iowa’s subsequent drive. With Iowa pushing towards the Nevada end zone via a steady dose of Gavin Williams and Kaleb Johnson, Iowa lined up on 3rd and 1 with everyone west of the Mississippi expecting another run.LaPorta and Ragaini split out wide and both took off up the center at the snap. With the whole protection either keying on them or keeping their eyes on Williams, they totally disregarded Bruce, who was completely open in the end zone for Spencer’s most memorable passing score of the year.

After a brief glimmer of hope as the game resumed, we’re once again in a lightning delay. Nevada gained one first down after a converted 4th and 2 before the Iowa defense decided they’d had enough of that nonsense and backed the Pack into 3rd and 22. Then God once again decided ten more minutes of football was just too much and sent the teams back to their locker rooms for the second time in one night.

Lightning delays are no fun for anyone.They’re unpleasant for the players who are removed totally from their game mentality, they’re unpleasant for the authorities and school delegates who need to deal with the circumstance, and they’re unpleasant for the fans who should drearily accept asylum inside and stand by. We’re confronted with the genuine possibility that this game might very well won’t ever wrap up.

The NCAA rules governing a delay state that if a game cannot be finished due to weather the teams may, by agreement of ADs and coaches, postpone the contest to a later date, end the game by the current score, or declare a no contest. Right now, I have no idea what will happen. It’s almost impossible to imagine either team agreeing to a solution not in their best interest; so let’s rule out a forfeit, no contest, or ending by the current score. That means either postponement or a very…VERY late night.

So, as of 11:33 Saturday night, what can we glean from this most bizarre of games.The offense truly woke up in Spencer’s exhibition, Brian’s playcalling, and execution. Petras looked better compared to he has in the last several games and the arrival of Ragaini and Johnson undoubtedly helped in the passing game. It’s not where it should be for Enormous Ten play, yet we saw blazes of what it could do and that is empowering.

I’m hanging on as long as I can in the hope this game resumes. But with three kids every bit of sleep is precious and that bed is looking pretty inviting right now.

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That run was every Hawkeye’s dream. It was so much fun to see big plays out of the offense and huge runs by young backs.

The defense looked fantastic again, shutting out Nevada and recording one turnover in a Cooper DeJean interception. Terry Roberts also had a pick six but it was negated on an offside call. After Terry’s frustration last week after missing out on a defensive score it would’ve been fantastic for him to get one here.

Iowa heads into Huge Ten play 2-1 with some force following its best execution of the year. With key starters back and building experience in all out attack mode line, this group has a few chances to gain ground. It is not yet clear on the off chance that this was not a one-hit wonder by BF, Petras, and company, however it’s the initial beam of trust through the tempest mists in quite a while.


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