Mexico and its relationship with Egypt on Mexican Independence Day

Mexico and its relationship with Egypt on Mexican Independence Day - Egypt  Independent

Mexico and its relationship with Egypt on Mexican Independence Day

Today, Mexico celebrates another anniversary of its independence – two hundred and twelve years of exercising its sovereignty in the international system with dignity and responsibility.

64 years have passed since Mexico and Egypt laid out strategic relations, many years of common companionship described by long-lasting coordinated effort in different regions like culture, financial aspects, improvement collaboration, and pertinent worldwide plan issues.

Bilateral interactions throughout this year have been enriched thanks to the spirit of innovation of those who work tirelessly to bring life to the Mexico-Egypt bilateral agenda.

Through creativity, new channels and opportunities for collaboration have been fostered.

This year, we commended a gathering on collaboration on the dealing and compensation of social legacy coordinated by Mexico, Egypt, and Italy; the main Mexican novel interpretation challenge in Egypt; pictorial works in notable destinations in Cairo by Mexican muralists; and scholarly discussions between Mexican essayists and Egyptian Hispanists.


Mexican Independence in 1810: The Cry of Dolores

In addition, we profit from the constant participation of Mexican artistic groups in prestigious cultural events organized in different Egyptian cities.

In this way, thanks to the spirit of collaboration, both countries have generated new bridges between emerging cooperation partners while simultaneously capturing the attention of new audiences.

Regarding economics, Mexican and Egyptian companies with interests in both countries continue their intense, daily activities.

CEMEX Egypt upholds the advancement of the country’s foundation through its support in different activities while assisting with lessening the effect of environmental change by reasonably diminishing its fossil fuel byproducts and assisting with reusing deserted squander in the Nile Stream.

Meanwhile, Polímeros Mexicanos consolidates the operation of its first plant in Alejandría, and Aqualia, a Spanish-Mexican firm, does the same in the highly relevant water treatment issue. PICO/Cheiron in Mexico is develping productive public-private alliance with Petróleos Mexicanos in the joint exploitation of oil fields.

In equal, organizations, for example, Ruhrpumpen and Kidzania in Egypt and Sewedy Electrometer in Mexico persevere as fruitful benchmarks of joint endeavors in the two nations, every one of them contributing day to day to the improvement of financial relations among Mexico and Egypt.


14 In his efforts to commemorate the Mexican Independence movement,... |  Download Scientific Diagram

The company Swvl Holdings, a global provider of mass transportation solutions, recently announced its incursion into the Mexican market.

A Mexican global company is in the process of selecting Egypt as its future base of inter-regional operations.

The global agenda has been another interaction area through constant consultations on issues of international relevance like denuclearization, climate change, and migration flows, among many others. Additionally, we celebrated in Cairo the Tenth Mechanism of Political Consultations between our countries this year.

For the rest of 2022, the cultural agenda still presents intense and plural activities that include film cycles, photographic and cartoon exhibitions, and a sculpture retrospective, among other activities.

These will take place in alliance with prestigious Egyptian museums underlining the leading place culture has in the relationship between Mexico and Egypt.

In the future, cultural exchange will continue to be a pillar on the bilateral agenda, as it corresponds to the links between two countries with impressive and ancient cultural heritage.

This Commentary in the esteemed Al-Masry al-Youm is a phenomenal reason to celebrate with our Egyptian companions the freedom of Mexico and, simultaneously, to respect the long and cordial connection between two nations glad for their separate personalities.



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