Post Malone falls on stage during the concert, with the help of paramedics

Post Malone falls on stage during the concert, with the help of paramedics  -

Post Malone falls on stage during the concert, with the help of paramedics

Post Malone He had a terrible fall on stage… It was so bad, the paramedics had to help him and the fans didn’t know whether to wait for him or pack him up.

It happened Saturday night in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center in the middle of the concert, where he was performing “Circles.”

Post was showing his things as he strolled down a slope that stretched out to the yard floor. It would have worked out positively, however there was an opening in the ground he used to bring down his guitar and it wasn’t covered.

He stepped in it and fell in a horrendous fall… it poured out over the show floor. An onlooker let TMZ know that one of his legs was shaking wildly. Paramedics raced to him and at last cornered him as he left the stage.


He asked fans to give him a few minutes to pick himself up, but everyone is clearly worried and some doubt he’ll be back.

15 minutes later, Post appeared and performed “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up”. ‘Rockstar’ fit because Post was determined to keep going even though he was visibly in pain… clutching his ribs as he sang.

Post thanked the crowd for hangingin’ there and told them there was a “big gap in the theater” and apologized – not necessary. He finished the show and kept until he signed some autographs.

No word on his condition… but he is scheduled to continue his “twelve carats” tour in Columbus Sunday.

The occurrence occurred on Saturday night in St. Louis at the Endeavor Place, when he was singing “Circles.” It expected clinical help for him to get up, and the crowd wasn’t certain about whether to stay close by or leave.

Post was walking down a ramp that stretched out onto the arena floor. It would have gone smoothly if the floor hole he used to lower his guitar hadn’t been left uncovered. He slipped in it, suffered a terrible fall, and ended up on the concert floor sprawled out.

Posty is right now on visit in the US and Canada, with shows planned consistently until the center of November, yet on Saturday night (17 September) he had to have some time off from his gig while performing at the Endeavor Place in St Louis.

Footage from the event shows Malone singing on a platform which stretched out from the stage to the centre of the crowd, happily performing his popular track ‘Circles’ when the floor suddenly gave way beneath him.

One of his legs fell straight through the stage and Malone crashed to the floor along with it, smacking his torso and apparently also his head against the platform in the process.

As the crowd let out gasps of shock, the singer quickly rolled on to his back and appeared to be clutching his ribs in pain.

As per TMZ, the opening in the stage had seemed when Posty had brought down his guitar hidden, yet it hadn’t been concealed again subsequently. An observer told the distribution one of the vocalist’s legs was shaking wildly in the consequence of the occasion, and film shows doctors rapidly racing to his guide.

Malone was escorted from the stage and went backstage for a quick recovery period, but he remained determined to entertain his fans as he returned 15 minutes later to perform his tracks ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Cooped Up’.

He could be seen clutching his ribs as his sang, indicating he was still in pain from the fall, but he proved himself to be a true star as he thanked the crowd for putting up with the delay, told them there was a ‘big-a** hole in the stage’ and apologised to fans for the situation.

Posty then successfully completed the show and even handed out a few autographs afterwards. He hasn’t posted any updates about his condition on social media, but there’s nothing to suggest his show in Columbus this evening has been cancelled or rescheduled, indicating he’s still good to go.

The ‘Sunflower’ vocalist has been commended for the manner in which he took care of the circumstance and has been met with an abundance of help from fans trusting he ‘recovers soon’ and petitioning God for his ‘quick recuperation’.

After Columbus, Posty is set to appear in Toronto, Canada before returning to the US for shows in Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and elsewhere.

LADbible has reached out to representatives for Malone for comment.

After injuring ribs after falling on stage, he ends the concert –  texttospeech

“St. Louis, Please accept my apologies I demolished the show this evening, women and man of his word,” he said. “I guarantee next opportunity I come around, I won’t fucking wreck y’alls night, Please accept my apologies for that. That being said, fuck… That being said, I need to thank you for your understanding and Please accept my apologies.”

“There was a bigass hole in the middle of the stage that I busted my ass on,” he continued. “I want to say thank you to everybody for hanging in there and thank you to everybody for… I got the best fucking fans in the world.”

He wound up playing out a couple of additional melodies. Present Malone is assumed on proceed with his visit this evening in Columbus.


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