Queen Elizabeth Death Live Updates: Queen’s coffin has left Balmoral Castle as she begins her final journey

Queen begins final journey as coffin taken from Balmoral Castle to Scotland's capital - CNN

Queen Elizabeth Death Live Updates: Queen’s coffin has left Balmoral Castle as she begins her final journey

Queen Elizabeth II Death Live Updates: The coffin will rest in the Throne Room of Holyroodhouse until Monday afternoon for the royal household to pay their respects to Britain’s Queen.

Queen Elizabeth Death Live Updates, India Pays Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II: Thousands are lining the route to catch a glimpse as Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin begins its journey on Sunday from Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire to the late monarch’s official Scottish residence of Holyroodhouse Palace in the capital city of Edinburgh.

The state memorial service for the world’s longest-standing ruler, Sovereign Elizabeth II will occur at 3.30 PM (IST) on Monday, September 19 at Westminster Nunnery in London. The casket will be taken from Balmoral Palace to Edinburgh on Sunday prior to being traveled to London on Tuesday. It will later lie in state at Westminster Lobby from Wednesday until the morning of the burial service at London’s Westminster Nunnery. Subtleties on the 96-year-old sovereign’s burial service will be delivered later, yet coordinators portrayed the function as a “fitting goodbye to one of the characterizing figures of our times,” AP revealed.

In the interim, India has proclaimed one day of state grieving on Sunday as a characteristic of regard to England’s Sovereign Elizabeth-II. “Her Highness Sovereign Elizabeth-II, Joined Realm of Extraordinary England and Northern Ireland, died on September 8, 2022. As a characteristic of regard to the withdrew dignitary, the public authority of India has concluded that there will be one-day state grieving on September 11 all through India,” an authority proclamation said. The public banner will be flown at half-pole upon the arrival of grieving all through India on everything structures where the public banner is flown consistently and there will be no authority amusement on the day, it said.

Queen Elizabeth II Death Live Updates: Queen's coffin has left Balmoral Castle as she begins her final journey

Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe to attend Queen’s funeral in Britain

Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe will attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in Britain, his office announced on Sunday.

Wickremesinghe visited the English High Commission in Colombo on Sunday morning to sign the book of sympathy put there. The ruler, who praised her 70th year on the high position this year, died on September 8 at Balmoral Palace.

The state funeral for the Queen will be held at Wesminster Abbey on September 19.

As a mark of respect to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, Sri Lanka’s national flag is flown at half-mast at all state buildings while a day of mourning has been declared for September 19.

Queen Elizabeth II was Sri Lanka’s head of state until May 1972 when the island left the British sovereign to become a republic.

The Sovereign had visited Sri Lanka two times in 1954 and 1981 and later was addressed by Ruler of Ridges at visits in 1998, 2004 and 2013 for the Republic heads of government meeting facilitated here in Colombo.

The Queen’s body will be brought down from Scotland to lie in state in Wesminster Hall for four days, from September 14 until 6.30am on the morning of the funeral, to give the public an opportunity to pay their respects. 

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin taken from Balmoral to Edinburgh

Australia’s PM says referendum on republic not his priority

Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who had started laying the groundwork for an Australian republic after elections in May, said Sunday that now was the time not for a change but for paying tribute to the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Many respected Australians’ regard and fondness for the late ruler as the greatest obstruction to the nation turning into a republic with its own head of state.

Albanese, who describes himself as the first candidate with a “non-Anglo Celtic name” to run for prime minister in the 121 years that the office has existed, had created a new position of Assistant Minister for the Republic and appointed Matt Thistlethwaite to the role in June.

Thistlethwaite had said there would be no change in the queen’s lifetime.

“This moment isn’t an opportunity to discuss our arrangement of government,” Albanese told Australian Telecom Corp. on Sunday. “This is the ideal opportunity for us to honor the existence of Sovereign Elizabeth, an everyday routine very much experienced, an existence of commitment and reliability including to the Australian public and for us to respect and lament.” Albanese has said beforehand that a republic mandate isn’t really important of his initial three-year term in government.

Mysuru royal family recalls visit of Queen Elizabeth-II to Bengaluru in 1961

With the demise of Queen Elizabeth II in England, the Princess of the erstwhile Mysuru Royal family, Kamakshi Devi Wadiyar recollected the fond memories of her visit to Bengaluru in 1961.

A video ‘made in colour’ now doing rounds in the social media brought back the memories of her maiden visit to India post-independence.

Queen Elizabeth II's final journey - the route coffin will take from Balmoral to London - Mirror Online

“We are extremely saddened by the demise of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a dignified lady,” recollected Kamakshi Devi.

“I was just eight when Her Highness visited Bengaluru. My dad, the Rajya Pramukh of the state, Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadeyar, got the sovereign at the air terminal. Alongside my mom and kin, I stood watching her appearance from a good ways,” Kamakshi Devi reviewed.

Later, Queen Elizabeth II was taken to the ‘Residency’, now known as Raj Bhavan which is the palatial house of the Governor of Karnataka, the princess of erstwhile Mysore Royal family recalled.

The entire event was made grand with whatever limited resources available that time, Kamakshi Devi recalled.

Elizabeth II spent her night in the Cubbon Bungalow on the Nandi Hills, she added.

Recalling the Queen’s visit, elderly Bengalury resident Anand Sirur, said the entire event marked with grandeur.

“I was 30 around then. I review the public authority and confidential associations had reported an occasion to pay tribute to the Sovereign’s visit. The oil factories, which never shut, were closed for the day with the goal that the workers could witness the noteworthy occasion,” Sirur, presently 91, remembered.

He said he stood on ‘Cubbon Road’ next to the Capitol Hotel to see the slow-moving cavalcade and the Queen greeting the people who were waving at her.

The video that is widely circulating in the social media showed the Queen alighting from the aeroplane and the Mysore Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadeyar presenting her a bouquet.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Bangalore airport to see her. Later, the queen was presented with a copy of the Bible, translated in Hindi.

The video also shows the present day MG Road, where a Metro Station has come up now.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin to begin journey to London

Thousands are covering the course to get a brief look as Sovereign Elizabeth II’s casket starts its excursion on Sunday from Balmoral Palace in Aberdeenshire to the late ruler’s true Scottish home of Holyroodhouse Castle in the capital city of Edinburgh.

The coffin will rest in the Throne Room of Holyroodhouse until Monday afternoon for the royal household to pay their respects to Britain’s Queen, who died peacefully aged 96 at Balmoral on Thursday evening.

Buckingham Palace has unveiled plans for the State Funeral, which will take place at Westminster Abbey London on Monday, September 19 – declared a Bank Holiday in the UK. Prior to the funeral, the late monarch will lie-in-state at Westminster Hall within the Houses of Parliament complex for four days, to allow the British public to pay their respects.

On Saturday, members of the royal family viewed the several thousand floral tributes and messages left for the late Queen at her residences at Windsor, Balmoral and London.

In a show of royal unity, Prince William and Kate – now the Prince and Princess of Wales – joined Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle for a walkabout at Windsor to speak to members of the public gathered at the gates of Windsor Castle.

An online entertainment video cut shows Kate letting one know bunch how her most youthful child, Sovereign Louis, had said that his distant grandma was “presently with distant granddad” – a reference to the Sovereign’s better half Ruler Philip, who kicked the bucket last April matured 99.

It followed Charles, the former Prince of Wales, being formally proclaimed King in an ancient ceremony at St. James’s Palace during which he pledged to follow the “inspiring example” set by his late mother.

Live updates: Queen Elizabeth begins final journey through Scotland

Banners on all royal residences and government structures in the UK were raised to full pole to stamp the declaration and will be brought down to half-pole for the State Grieving on Sunday.

Buckingham Palace has released a schedule for the new monarch, King Charles III, who will host several audiences and travel to all parts of the United Kingdom as is customary during the State Mourning for a monarch.

After a gathering with the Region Secretary-General, Noblewoman Patricia Scotland, at Buckingham Royal residence, the Lord will have Domain High Chiefs and their mates in the Bow Room of the Castle on Sunday.

On Monday, Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will travel to Westminster Hall where both Houses of Parliament will meet to express their condolences at the demise of the Queen.

The royal couple will then travel to Scotland for an audience with the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and to attend the devolved Scottish Parliament. They are scheduled to travel to Northern Ireland on Tuesday and then later in the week to Wales.

On Monday, a procession will be formed on the forecourt of the Palace of Holyroodhouse to convey the Queen’s coffin to St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, where King Charles III and members of the royal family will attend a service to receive the coffin.

It will then lie at rest at St Giles’ Cathedral, guarded by Vigils from the Royal Company of Archers, to allow the people of Scotland to pay their respects, Buckingham Palace has said.

The journey from Scotland to England will be undertaken by air on Tuesday, when the Queen’s daughter – Princess Anne – will accompany the coffin on its journey to the Bow Room at the monarch’s London residence of Buckingham Palace.

After a day, on Wednesday, it will be borne in parade to the Castle of Westminster for lying-in-state until the day of the burial service. Individuals from the imperial family, legislators and world pioneers are supposed to go to the State Burial service at 11am nearby time on September 19

Queen's coffin has left Balmoral Castle as she begins her final journey - Ganpati News

King Charles uses ink pot gifted by Prince William and Harry as he’s officially declared British Monarch

King Charles III on Saturday signed the declaration which officially made him the new British Monarch using ink from a silver pot gifted to him by his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Ruler Charles was on Saturday broadcasted England’s new ruler in a noteworthy service of the Promotion Gathering. He was joined by his significant other, Sovereign Associate Camilla, and his child and successor Ruler William – the new Ruler of Ribs, who added their marks to the proper declaration reports.

I cannot mourn’: Former colonies conflicted over the queen

Upon taking the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II inherited millions of subjects around the world, many of them unwilling. Today, in the British Empire’s former colonies, her death brings complicated feelings, including anger. Beyond official condolences praising the queen’s longevity and service, there is some bitterness about the past in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Talk has turned to the legacies of colonialism, from slavery to corporal punishment in African schools to looted artifacts held in British institutions. For many, the queen came to represent all of that during her seven decades on the throne.

In Kenya, where decades ago a young Elizabeth learned of her father’s death and her enormous new role as queen, a lawyer named Alice Mugo shared online a photograph of a fading document from 1956.It was given four years into the sovereign’s rule, and a ways into England’s unforgiving reaction to the Mau insubordination to provincial rule. “Development grant,” the record says. While more than 100,000 Kenyans were gathered together in camps under bleak circumstances, others, similar to Mugo’s grandma, had to demand English authorization to go from one spot to another.


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