Ruud Analyses 55-Shot Rally That Turned US Open Semi-final

Casper Ruud Analyses 55-Shot Rally That Turned US Open Semi-final | ATP  Tour | Tennis

Ruud Analyses 55-Shot Rally That Turned US Open Semi-final

Ruud Analyses 55-Shot Rally That Turned US Open Semi-final Casper Ruud advanced to his second Grand Slam final and his first at the US Open with a four-set win against Karen Khachanov on Friday. One point might have made all the difference.

Casper Ruud reaches US Open final with confident win over Karen Khachanov |  Tennis News - Hindustan Times

At 6/5 in the first-set tie-break, the pair participated in a long meeting. Neither one of the men assumed command over the point until Ruud released a strike up the line that Khachanov missed intothe net. The 55-shot rally procured Ruud the set, however provided him with a weighty portion of force driving into the set, which he guaranteed 6-2.

“It was a very important point in the match. Of course, set point. I had not wasted two because he served well on the two previous set points. I knew this [was] a chance to win the first set. I’m on my serve,” Ruud recalled. “I missed a serve by small margins on the first serve.Seemed as though it very well may be a pro. Second serve we played for the assembly. I think we both just wouldn’t do a mix-up knowing how critical that point is.”

The two players hit the ball with a lot of edge until Ruud broke the strike that eventually chosen the point.

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“That’s fun with tennis because some of the best rallies of all time, longer rallies of all times, often come in important points because we both realize how important it is. You don’t want to make a mistake,” Ruud said. “Towards the end the pulse was getting very high and the legs were almost shaking at one point.I had the option to at one place where I just tore the strike down the line and let it all out kind of. Could extend my arms in the air and win the principal set.

“Like I said, I think it was a key factor to win the second set, and that gave of course motivation and energy to play good and keep going in the second.”

The 55-stroke rally was the longest of the competition as of the finish of the match, as per competition authorities. The following longest assembly of the occasion divided Daniil Medvedev and Wu Yibing, which endured 36 shots, in the third round.

Although Khachanov battled hard, the lengthy rally put him in too deep of a hole. Ruud moved into his second major final of the season, after also reaching the championship match at Roland Garros.

The stakes will be even higher for Ruud on this occasion. If Carlos Alcaraz defeats Frances Tiafoe in tonight’s second semi-final, Ruud will need to beat Alcaraz for the trophy on Sunday to leave New York with the No. 1 Pepperstone ATP Ranking.

“I think what’s most fair is if we both reach the final and whoever wins the final reaches the World No. 1. That would be, I think the ideal situation,” Ruud said. “If I go to bed as No. 1, I will sleep pretty damn well, I guess.”


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