Scottish singer Darius Campbell Danesh died of ‘inhalation of chloroethane’

Darius Campbell Danesh died of 'inhalation of chloroethane' – medical  examiner | ITV News

Scottish singer Darius Campbell Danesh died of ‘inhalation of chloroethane’

Former Pop Idol star Darius Campbell Danesh died from “inhalation of chloroethane”, the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office has confirmed.

The Scottish star was found dead in his US apartment, in Rochester, Minnesota, last month at the age of 41. Autopsy documents obtained by the PA news agency listed “toxic effects of chloroethane” as well as “suffocation” as having contributed to his death.

Chloroethane, normally known as ethyl chloride, is a dreary, combustible gas or refrigerated fluid with a faintly sweet smell. It is utilized as a dissolvable, as refrigerant, and in the creation of ethyl cellulose, colors, restorative medications, and other business synthetic compounds

Darius Campbell-Danesh the musician has died, and his ex-wife Natasha  Henstridge pays tribute to her late husband

The death was ruled an accident by the medical examiner. A statement released by Campbell Danesh’s family previously said local police had found “no signs of intent or suspicious circumstances”.

Chloroethane, commonly known as ethyl chloride, is a colorless, flammable gas or refrigerated liquid with a faintly sweet scent. It is a major area of strength for a specialist utilized in gas-added substances, plastics, colors, drugs, topical anesthetics, and as an industrial refrigerant.

The singer-songwriter and actor – who was known as Darius Danesh when he made his first bid for fame in the ITV show Popstars in 2001 – also appeared on the first Pop Idol, which was won by Will Young. After Pop Idol, Campbell Danesh turned down Simon Cowell’s offer of a record deal and signed with producer Steve Lillywhite, whose credits include U2 and the Rolling Stones.

Fellow Pop Idol contestants Will Young and Gareth Gates paid tribute to the singer after his death was announced, describing him as “driven, courageous and gentle”. In a heartfelt tribute, Young, 43, wrote: “For the past few days my thoughts have been with Darius’s family and will continue to be so.

“I found this picture a while ago taken during Pop Idol. If there was ever an example of not giving up on your dreams then Darius is top of the pile. Driven, courageous and gentle. My love goes to his family at this time x”

Gates said Campbell Danesh had taken him “under his wing” during their time on the show and had been “like a big brother, always looking out for me”.

“I will miss our chats. He was one of the most beautiful, intelligent, and gentle souls I was lucky enough to know, a soul that lit up every room,” he said in his own tribute.

Death of Pop Idol star Darius Danesh ruled an accident

Music mogul Cowell also paid tribute to the singer, as did Hollywood actor Gerard Butler. The pair were close friends and were pictured together in Malibu shortly before the singer’s death.

In his own recognition for Campbell Danesh, Steward composed that he had a “scarcely containable pizzazz” and the “heart of a lion”.

“To those lucky enough to have met Darius for more than a few minutes, they were deeply moved by his infectious laugh and barely containable zest for life,” he wrote. “He was always armed with a smile, a booming voice, and a genuinely warm embrace that few could resist-nor would they want to!

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“He was an incredible talent, a singer whose voice touched your soul and an actor with great presence. But, most importantly, he had the heart of a lion. It was bigger and brighter than the sun and energy so contagious he could light up a room in seconds.”

Butler, 52, who is best known for films such as 300, Law Abiding Citizen, and Olympus Has Fallen and its sequels added that his friend was driven to “inspire others to better themselves”.

Campbell Danesh’s debut single, Colourblind, was released in July 2002 and went straight to number one, marking the start of a run of top 10 releases. Following his death, the song re-entered music charts and several days later took the top spot on the iTunes download chart.

Campbell Danesh’s family said in a proclamation he was “found lethargic in bed in his loft room in Rochester, Minnesota,on August 11 and was pronounced dead in the afternoon by the local medical examiners’ office”.

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